Fed up having to pay above the market rate for rental property in Central London, just because the letting agent knows that you will be operating as an escort from the premises. Often too many escorts London business women with a great portfolio of clients are charged in some instances double the going market price when renting property.

How we can help you
A London letting agent who specializes in rental flats specifically for escorts, the properties that we manage on behalf of our clients are generally luxury flats in very affluent Central London postcodes but the monthly rental prices are judiciously subsidised by the Howzeman Trust which is recognised as one of the largest contributors of funds to causes which support UK sex workers.

The number of escorts London based is more than doubling year on year unfortunately the quantity of available property for shorthold lease is drastically not keeping up with demand. Sadly this current state of housing shortage is a country wide issue which affects people from all walks of life and not just escorts.

As with all responsible letting agencies we do expect potential tenants to provide references, proof of address over past three year and undertake a credit check undertaken by a third party agency. We do try our best to make renting property simple for escorts but we only want tenants who will respect the landlord’s property.

If you are a potential tenant please take a look at our current portfolio of available properties, shortlist the properties that are good fit for you.

Moving in cost
We understand that London is an extremely expensive city to live in hence why we try our best to keep our processing fees as low as possible.

Current fee structure:
Credit check £45
Inventory check £49.99
Deposit – one month
Rent – one month in advance