A closer look at the benefits of rowing machines

When it comes to gym equipment escorts can use at home some things have been on the circuits for so long that they are often overlooked when it comes to newer and fancier technology. Elliptical climbers look far cooler than simple exercise bikes and the cross trainer more alluring than the old rowing machines. So, let’s go back to basics and have a look at why the rowing machine has earned (and deserves) its place in the home gym.

Low-Impact Cardio

Rowing machines offer escorts a low impact way to get a good cardio workout without leaving your flat and are ideal for those who have joint problems, are recovering from injury or are overweight. As a non-weight-bearing way to exercise it puts minimal stress on the body yet delivers all of the aerobic benefits of running or cycling.

Great Upper-Body Workout

Unsurprisingly rowing gives you a great workout for your upper body. The range of motion targets the lats in your lower back, rhomboids in your shoulders and trapezii in the upper back. Working these muscle groups can help with your posture and, when performed correctly, help alleviate back pain. In addition, you will be working your abs, pecs and biceps as well as hands and wrists. Overall the action can provide you with a stronger core, better grip and a more erect posture.

Impressive Lower-Body Workout

Most people forget that rowing is also a great way to get a lower body workout. One of the main muscles involved in the action is that of your quads at the front of your upper thighs but the action also helps tone the calves and glutes these are all vital features escorts in London need to keep toned.

Variable Resistance Training

Most rowing machines offer adjustable resistance settings meaning you can vary the type of workout you are getting to focus on strength, stamina and endurance. With the correct setting you can get the best cardio in your target heart rate and really maximise that calorie burning opportunity.

Simplicity itself

Out of all of the workout machines available in a home gym the rowing machine is one of the least complicated and is accessible to all irrespective of fitness level, age or ability. Having said that, as with all exercise, it is important to maintain good form to both avoid injury but also to maximise the benefit of your efforts. Keep your feet strapped in to the stirrups and your shins at about a 90 degree angle to the floor, row in a fluid motion with your back straight and engage your core.

Efficient Weight Loss

Contrary to what you might have been lead to believe, rowing machines are one of the most effective ways to burn calories and can deliver an impressive average of 600-800 calories burned per hour (moderate to intense workout). Compare that to running at 650-750 or swimming at 600 and you can see why regular rowing could help you on the way to weight loss as well as a well-toned body.